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Why is it Important to Find a Top Google Ads Agency Partner?

Selecting an Adwords company focused on accelerated conversion maximization & ROI to ensure that your Search Engine Campaigns are not wasting Ad spend.

Supercharge your Campaign with Our Conversion Based Solutions

Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords – PPC Advertising) Management


Google Ads Management / Managed SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a crowded marketplace with agencies touting their ability to increase quality scores, lower click prices, and dominate impression shares, all while cleverly avoiding what clients want the most, CONVERSIONS.
At GreenBanana, we are a Google Ads Agency that is laser-focused on TRANSPARENT CONVERSIONS, and each and every one of our Google Ads / PPC campaigns is tailored to maximize ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). We optimize all our client campaigns to maximize ROI rather than clicks or spend!

Google PPC Agency PartnerGreenBanana’s Holistic Campaign Process Includes:

  1. Google PPC Agency PartnerUnderstanding your unique business model and advertising goals
  2. PPC Agency PartnerHelping you improve your website or landing page lead capture abilities
  3. Adwords AgencyInstalling transparent, detailed conversion tracking through YOUR Google Analytics account
  4. Google Ads ManagementHaving our in-house, certified Google Ads / PPC specialists build out and manage your campaign
  5. Adwords Agency PartnerCreating your custom reporting dashboard to track orders, leads, forms, phone calls, etc
  6. PPC AgencySetting up monthly conversion optimization calls because ‘Set it and Forget it’ DOES NOT WORK!

Select an budget conscious Google Ads agency that understands optimizing search engine campaigns to maximize ROAS  is an art and a science.

While constant human involvement is absolutely critical to a Google Ads campaign’s success, what if you could constantly calculate the best time of day, device, ad position, ad copy, ad group, landing page, location, and ad extension to deliver the most conversions? And what if you could adjust your bidding in penny increments every hour to ensure that your conversion clicks are the lowest they can be to deliver the maximum ROI? GreenBanana’s proprietary conversion management blueprint (CMB) does just that!
 Whether you need sales leads or you are selling products via e-commerce, we leverage our Google Ads Platform experience across more than 250 industries to dive deeply into your business metrics and understand your products and services, delivering you the most conversions possible from your PPC Campaign. 
Contact us today to see if we are a good fit for one another.

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How SEM Works At Our AdWords Management Agency Boston

Google Adwords is a search engine marketing (SEM) program. Adwords is also referred to as a pay per click (PPC) campaign because you’re only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

Adwords ads appear in Google search results when one of the keywords you’ve chosen is queried and if your bid is high enough to win space in the search results over other companies bidding on the same keyword.

Google Adwords Agency GreenBanana SEO 3X on the INC 5000

Average Results of Google Ads Campaign Managed GreenBanana coupled with our Conversion Optimization Blueprint:

  • Increased Conversions: By an average 36.46%
  • Suppressed Cost Per Conversion: By an average 18.22%
  • Suppressed CPC: By an average 31.44%
  • Increased Clicks: By an average 39.21%

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How Our AdWords Management Agency In Boston Optimizes For Conversion

Google Adwords Agency - Green Banana SEOA Google Ads Management Company with a 15+ Year Track Record, GreenBananaSEO drive conversions with all of our campaigns!

We use a Proprietary Google Ads Conversion Maximization Blueprint copulated with GA4 to optimize the actions on your website that convert!

When you work with GreenBanana SEO’ Google Ads team , you not only get access to our conversion maximizing blueprint but also a seasoned paid media team who has managed more then 10M in Ad Spend!  Our Google Ads conversion management system is constantly calculating the best time of day, device, ad position, ad copy, ad group, landing page, location, and ad extension to deliver the most conversions and return the highest ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)
Our Google Ads Team will design, develop and run a conversion-focused Google Adwords campaign.  whether your goal is to collect sales leads or sell products. We have leveraged our digital management experience across more than 250 industries, and we make a point of diving deep to understand your business model and metrics to avoid giving you a one-size-fits-all, canned solution.  Looking for a free evaluation of your top competitors? Connect with us Here and Set up a Call!  Start Converting Today!

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Read Our Latest SEM Case Study:Google Ads Agency Case Study

THE CHALLENGE: Decrease cost per click and drive more traffic to the dealership

This local automotive dealer asked GreenBanana to take over a struggling Google Adwords/Pay Per Click campaign. The dealership’s objective was to decrease cost per click and drive more traffic to the store. Our certified Adwords experts were not only able to increase their traffic (without changing the budget) but also increase their conversion volume by 425%!

Turn to GreenBananaSEO for  Google Ads agency that will optimize your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign with a focus on increasing conversions in the most cost-effective way as the ultimate goal. To get started with an Google Ads campaign with GreenBananaSEO, give us a call at (978) 338-6500 or email us at sales@greenbananaseo.com or use our quick contact form to get in touch.

AdWords FAQ

  1. Google Ads Agency

    Campaign types: Google Ads offers various campaign types, including Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App, and Smart campaigns.

Here are some examples of how GreenBanana might manage different campaign types:

  • Google Ads Search Campaign:Adwords Agency A local flower shop wants to increase sales for their flower delivery service. GreenBanana SEO creates a search campaign targeting relevant keywords such as “flower delivery,” “same-day flower delivery,” and “local florist.” They craft compelling ad copy emphasizing the shop’s unique selling points, like fresh flowers and speedy delivery, and direct users to optimized landing pages on the client’s website.
  • Google Ads Display Campaign: Adwords AgencyA startup offering eco-friendly cleaning products wants to raise brand awareness. GreenBanana SEO designs a display campaign with visually appealing banner ads that highlight the products’ environmental benefits and effectiveness. We would use targeting options like interest categories, topics, and placements to reach their target audience across the Google Display Network.
  • Google Ads Video Campaign: ads agencyA travel agency wants to promote its exclusive vacation packages. GreenBanana SEO creates a video campaign on YouTube, using engaging video ads showcasing the destinations and unique experiences offered by the packages. We would then employ targeting options like demographics, interests, and remarketing to reach potential customers who are passionate about travel.
  • Google Ads Shopping Campaign: ads agencyAn online fashion boutique wants to increase visibility and sales for its clothing line. GreenBanana SEO builds out a shopping campaign with product listings featuring product images, product details, and prices. We would then optimize the product feed and use Google Merchant Center to manage product information, ensuring the ads are displayed to relevant users searching for similar products.
  • Google Ads App Campaign: adsleadsA mobile app developer wants to drive more installs for her new puzzle game. GreenBanana SEO creates an app campaign using creative assets like images, videos, and text to showcase the game’s unique features and engaging gameplay. We would then target users across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network to maximize visibility and app installs.
  • Google Ads Smart Campaign: ads leadsA small business providing home organization services wants to attract new customers. GreenBanana SEO sets up a Smart campaign, leveraging Google’s machine learning algorithms to automate ad creation, targeting, and bidding. We would provide essential information, such as the business’s services, location, and desired audience, allowing the Smart campaign to optimize ads and targeting for the best possible results.
  1. agencies for adsAd formats: Depending on the campaign type, different ad formats are available, such as text, responsive search, image, video, call-only, and shopping.

  • Text:

    A local pizza place wants to advertise for delivery service. GB creates a text ad with a headline like “Delicious Pizza Delivered Fast” and a description highlighting their fast delivery times, tasty menu options, and special offers. The text ad appears on Google Search results pages when users search for relevant keywords like “pizza delivery near me.”

  • Agencies for AdsResponsive Search:

    A car Toyota dealership wants to promote its latest offers on new vehicles. GreenBanana creates a responsive search ad by providing multiple headlines and descriptions, such as “Best Deals on New Toyota Prius,” “Limited Time Offer,” and “Flexible Financing Options.” Google Ads automatically tests different combinations of headlines and descriptions to determine the best-performing ad variations for users searching for new cars in the area.

  • Image Ads:

    An online electronics store wants to showcase its latest products and discounts on the Google Display Network. GB designs image ads with eye-catching visuals, showcasing the products and highlighting the discounts available. These Google image ads are displayed on relevant websites and apps within the Display Network, attracting potential customers.

  • Video Ads:

    A health supplement brand wants to educate potential customers on the benefits of its weight loss products just in time for summer. The GB PPC Ads Team would create a short, engaging video ad that explains the product’s advantages and features customer testimonials. The video ad is displayed on YouTube and the Google Display Network, reaching users interested in health and wellness topics.

  • Call-Only Ads:

    A plumbing company wants to generate more service calls from potential customers experiencing plumbing issues. We would create a call-only ad with a headline like “Emergency Plumber Available 24/7” and a description emphasizing their fast response times. The ad would include a click-to-call button, allowing users to call the company directly from the search results page.

  • Shopping Ads:

    A furniture retailer wants to increase online sales of their living room sets. GreenBanana set up shopping ads with high-quality images, product titles, and prices for each set. The shopping ads appear on Google Search results and Google Shopping, providing users with a visual representation of the products and allowing them to compare prices and features easily.

  1. Google Ads AgencyGoogle PPC Keyword Targeting: Advertisers can target specific keywords or phrases that users search for on Google, allowing them to show ads to users with a high intent to purchase or engage.

    Here are 3 Examples of Google Ads Keyword Targeting

  • Travel Agency: A travel agency wants to target potential customers who are searching for vacation packages to tropical destinations. GreenBanana (GB) could target the following keywords and phrases:
    1. “Tropical vacation packages”
    2. “All-inclusive beach resorts”
    3. “Honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean”
      By targeting these keywords, the travel agency’s ads will appear when users search for these terms, increasing the likelihood of reaching users who have a high intent to purchase a vacation package.
  • E-commerce Store Selling Fitness Equipment: An online store selling fitness equipment wants to target people searching for home gym essentials. GB might target the following keywords:
    1. “Home gym equipment”
    2. “Buy exercise bike online”
    3. “Adjustable dumbbells for sale
      By targeting these keywords, the e-commerce store can showcase its products to users who are actively looking to purchase fitness equipment for their home gyms.
  • Local Italian Restaurant: A local Italian restaurant wants to attract customers searching for a place to dine in their area. GB could target keywords such as:
    1. “Italian restaurant near me”
    2. “Best pasta in Boston
    3. “Hot dinner spots Boston
      By using these targeted keywords, the restaurant can attract users who are searching for an Italian dining experience in their area, increasing the chances of gaining new customers and reservations.
  1. Google Adwords AgencyDisplay targeting: Reach potential customers on the Google Display Network through placements, topics, interests, remarketing, and demographics.

  • Placements ads Agencies

    A local pet store wants to promote its products to pet owners and enthusiasts. GreenBananaSEO (GB)  could target specific websites or apps related to pets and animals, such as popular pet blogs, pet adoption sites, or pet care forums. By targeting these placements, the pet store’s display ads will appear on relevant websites and apps, increasing visibility among their target audience.

  •  Interests PPC Agencies

    A mountain bike retailer wants to target users who are passionate about outdoor sports and adventure. GB could target the “Outdoor Enthusiast” interest category on the Google Display Network. This will allow their display ads to appear on websites and apps that cater to users with interests in outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and camping, increasing the likelihood of reaching potential customers.

  • Remarketing Google PPC Agencies

    An online clothing store wants to re-engage users who have visited its website but haven’t made a purchase. GB could create a remarketing campaign targeting users who have viewed specific product pages, added items to their cart, or spent a certain amount of time browsing the website. By using remarketing, the clothing store can show tailored display ads to users who have already shown interest in their products, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

  • Demographics Ads Agency

    A company that offers financial planning services for retirees wants to target users within a specific age range. GB could use demographic targeting to show their display ads to users aged 55 and older, ensuring that their ads are being shown to an audience that is more likely to be interested in their services.

  •  Topics Ads Agencies

    An eco-friendly cleaning products company wants to increase brand awareness among environmentally conscious consumers. GB could target the “Green Living” topic on the Google Display Network, ensuring that their display ads appear on websites and apps related to sustainable living, eco-friendly products, & environmental conservation. This approach helps the company reach potential customers who are more likely to be interested in their environmentally friendly cleaning products.


  1. Adwords Agency TeamLocation targeting: Target ads to specific geographic locations, such as countries, regions, cities, or custom areas.

Below are three examples of location targeting using Google Ads, each is tailored for different types of businesses:

A. Local Bakery using Location Targeting:

A local bakery wants to attract customers from its surrounding neighborhood. They could use location targeting to show their ads to users within a specific area, such as:

    • Targeting a custom radius around the bakery’s address
    • Targeting specific zip codes in the neighborhood

By using location targeting, the bakery can effectively reach potential customers who live or work nearby, increasing foot traffic and raising awareness of their business in the local community.

B. Regional Car Dealership using Location Targeting:

A car dealership with multiple locations across a state or region wants to target potential car buyers in their service area. We could use location targeting options to reach users in specific areas, such as:

    • Targeting the entire state or region where their dealerships are located
    • Targeting specific cities or towns where their dealerships are based
      This location-targeting strategy will help the car dealership reach users within their service area who are actively searching for a new vehicle, increasing the chances of generating leads and sales.

C. An International E-commerce Store:

An e-commerce store that ships products worldwide wants to create separate ad campaigns for different countries to cater to the unique needs and preferences of customers in each market. We could use location targeting to show their ads to users in specific countries, such as:

    • Targeting individual countries or groups of countries where they have a strong customer base
    • Excluding countries where they don’t offer shipping or have limited product availability

By employing location targeting, the GB Google Ads team can ensure their ads are shown to users in the markets they serve, increasing the chances of reaching potential customers and driving sales.

  1. Adwords AgencyLanguage targeting: Target users who speak specific languages.

Below are three examples of language targeting in Google Ads for different types of businesses or campaigns:

A Language School:

A language school offers courses in Spanish, French, and Italian. They want to target users who are interested in learning these languages. We could create separate ad campaigns for each language, targeting users who speak the respective language as their primary or secondary language. For example:

    • Greenbanana SEO performance marketing dedicated premiere award winning digital strategists for paid media campaignsTarget Spanish speakers for the Spanish courses
    • Greenbanana SEO performance marketing dedicated premiere award winning digital strategists for paid media campaigns Target French speakers for the French courses
    • Greenbanana SEO performance marketing dedicated premiere award winning digital strategists for paid media campaignsTarget Italian speakers for the Italian courses

By using language targeting, the language school can effectively reach users who are more likely to be interested in their courses, increasing the chances of generating leads and enrollments.

An Immigration or Multi-National Law Firm:

A law firm provides legal services in English and Spanish, catering to clients who are more comfortable speaking Spanish. GB’s PPC management team could create separate ad campaigns targeting English and Spanish speakers, ensuring their ads are shown to users who speak either language. This strategy allows us to target a wider audience and cater to the needs of their diverse clientele.

A Global SAAS Company:

This SAAS company sells its products worldwide and offers customer support in multiple languages, including English, French, German, and Japanese. GreenBanana (GB)  could create separate ad campaigns for each language, targeting users who speak the respective language as their primary or secondary language. By using language targeting, we can tailor their ads and messaging to better resonate with users in different markets, ultimately driving more sales and increasing customer satisfaction.


  1. SEM Greenbanana SEO performance marketing dedicated premiere award winning digital strategists for paid media campaignsWhat is Demographic Targeting?  Reach users based on age, gender, parental status, and household income.

Here are some examples of demographic targeting in Google Ads, catering to different types of businesses and campaigns:

An Online Toy Store:

An online toy store wants to target parents looking for toys for their children. They could use demographic targeting to focus on users with specific characteristics, such as:

    • Parental status: Parents
    • Age range: 25-45 (as an example, since parents can be of various ages)

By using demographic targeting, the online toy store can effectively reach users who are more likely to be interested in their products, increasing the chances of generating sales.

GreenBanana SEO Hawaiian ShirtLuxury Clothing Optional Vacation Packages:

A travel agency that survived C-VID specializes in clothing-optional vacation packages for couples and wants to target users who are more likely to be interested in high-end adventurous travel experiences. They could use demographic targeting to reach users based on criteria such as:

    • Age range: 35-65 (or any other age range they find suitable for their target audience)
    • Household income: Top 10% or 20% (to target users with higher disposable income)

By targeting these demographics, GB can increase the likelihood of reaching users who are willing and able to purchase their “special” vacation packages.

Financial Aid Services for College :

A company offering financial aid consulting services for college students wants to target users who are likely to need their services. We could use demographic targeting to focus on specific age groups and parental status, such as:

    • Age range: 17-24 (to target potential college students)
    • Parental status: Non-parents (to target users who are less likely to have children and more likely to be college-bound)

By employing demographic targeting, the GB Google Ad experts can effectively reach users who may require their services, increasing the chances of generating leads and helping students secure financial aid.

  1. PPC Agency What is Ad Scheduling used for?  Control when ads are shown during specific days and hours.

Here are three examples of effective uses of ad scheduling in Google Ads for different types of businesses and campaigns:

  1. Ads Banana Pizza Example

    Local Pizza Joint:

    A pizza place with the best pepperoni pizza in the area offers special lunch deals from Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 2 PM. GB’s PPC Manager  could use ad scheduling to promote these deals by showing their ads only during these specific hours on weekdays. By controlling when their ads are shown, the restaurant can increase the chances of attracting customers who are searching for lunch options during the promotion hours, ultimately boosting foot traffic and sales and hopefully sending the GB Ad Account Executives a few free slices.

  2. Online Tutoring Service:

    An online tutoring service wants to target students who are more likely to be searching for academic help during after-school hours. Your GB PPC Expert could schedule their ads to run from 3 PM to 9 PM on weekdays when students are typically done with school and may be looking for additional academic support. By using ad scheduling, the tutoring service can effectively reach students at the times when they are most likely to be searching for help, increasing the chances of generating leads and bookings.

  3. E-commerce Store with Weekend Sale:

    An e-commerce store is running a special weekend sale, offering discounts on select items from Friday evening to Sunday night. GB’s Adwords / PPC experts could use ad scheduling to display their ads specifically during the sale period, ensuring that users see the promotional ads only when the sale is active. By controlling when their ads are shown, the e-commerce store can generate interest and drive sales during the limited-time offer, maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts.


  1. Greenbanana SEO performance marketing dedicated digital strategists for paid media campaignsWhat are some examples of Bid Strategies? Choose from various automated and manual bid strategies, such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or maximize conversions.

Here are Some examples of effective uses of different bid strategies in Google Ads for various types of businesses and campaigns:

  1. A Boston-based Plumber  (CPC):

    A Boston plumbing service wants to generate more leads by encouraging potential customers to visit its website or call for a quote. GreenBanana’s PPC Team could use a manual cost-per-click (CPC) bid strategy to control how much they’re willing to pay for each click on their ads. By focusing on CPC, the plumbing service can optimize its budget for driving traffic to its website and generating potential leads while maintaining control over its ad spend.

  2. Brand Awareness Campaign (CPM):

    A Miami swimsuit brand wants to increase awareness and recognition among its target audience. GB could use a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bid strategy to maximize its ad exposure, paying for every 1,000 times its ad is shown. By using CPM bidding, the bathing suit brand can increase visibility and reach a larger audience, ultimately boosting brand awareness.

  3. E-commerce Supplement Store  (CPA or Maximize Conversions):

    A supplement store wants to optimize its advertising budget to drive sales and increase revenue. We could use either a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or maximize conversions bid strategy, depending on their specific goals:

    • CPA: The store sets a target cost per acquisition (the amount they’re willing to pay for each sale) and Google Ads automatically adjusts bids to meet this target. This strategy helps the GB maintain control over its ad spend while focusing on driving profitable sales.
    • Maximize Conversions: Google Ads automatically sets bids to generate the most conversions possible within the store’s budget. This strategy allows the GB ( Your Google Ads / PPC Agency) to optimize its campaign for sales without having to manually adjust bids, potentially driving more conversions and revenue.

By choosing the appropriate bid strategy, GreenBanana can optimize your ad spend and achieve your specific campaign objectives, whether it’s driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness, or maximizing conversions and sales.

  1. SEM AgencyBudget control: Have your PPC Agency set daily or campaign-level budgets to control ad spend.

Here are two examples of using budget control in Google Ads for different types of businesses and campaigns:

  1. Christmas Campaign for a Retail Store:

    Greenbanana SEO Christmas Tree Ads Example
    A retail store wants to run a limited-time advertising campaign for their upcoming Christmas Bonanza sale. They have a fixed budget of $6,300 for the entire campaign, which will last two weeks. GB could set a campaign-level budget in Google Ads, ensuring that their total ad spend will not exceed $5,000 during the campaign period. This helps our team control their ad spend while promoting their holiday sale to potential customers.

  2. Ongoing Marketing for a Local Cleaner:

    A local cleaning service wants to allocate a consistent amount of its monthly marketing budget to Google Ads to drive leads and bookings. They could set a daily budget in Google Ads, such as $100 per day, which will be automatically spread throughout the month (around $3,000 per month, considering a 30-day month). By setting a daily budget, the GB PPC Agency Team can effectively manage their ad spend and ensure that their ads are shown consistently throughout the month to reach potential customers.


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  1. Greenbanana SEO best google digital advertising agency for roas on your cost focused paid media campaignsWhat are Ad extensions used for? Enhance ads with additional information like call buttons, location information, site links, or structured snippets.

Below find some examples of using ad extensions in Google Ads to enhance ads for different types of businesses:

Local Pediatric Dentist:

A local dental clinic wants to make it easier for potential patients to contact them and find their location. They could use the following ad extensions to provide additional information and encourage users to take action:

    • Call extension: Add a call button to their ads, allowing users to directly call the dental clinic from the search results.
    • Location extension: Display the clinic’s address and a link to Google Maps, making it easier for users to find the clinic and get directions.

By using these ad extensions, the dental clinic can increase the chances of potential patients reaching out and booking appointments.

Online Yoga Pants Store: An online clothing store specializing in yoga pants wants to showcase different product categories and encourage users to explore its website.  The GreenBanana Google Ads Team could use the following ad extensions to improve their ads and drive traffic:

    • Sitelink extension:

      Add links to specific sections of their website, such as “Cop Yoga Pants,” “Holiday Yoga Pants,” “Sale Items,” or “New Arrivals.” This allows users to quickly navigate to the desired section, increasing the chances of engagement and potential sales.

    • Structured snippet extension:

      Highlight key aspects of their offerings, such as “Free Shipping,” “30-Day Returns,” or “Exclusive Brands.” This provides additional information that can attract users and set the store apart from competitors

    • Callout extension:

      Add short, descriptive phrases to highlight the software’s unique selling points, such as “flexible,” “24/7 Customer Support,” or “free shipping.” These callouts can help users quickly understand the benefits of the software and differentiate it from competitors.

    • Price extension:

      Display pricing options for sale items, and bulk discounts, allowing users to see the available options and prices before clicking the ad. This can help attract users with a clear intent to purchase and set expectations.

Using ad extensions allows businesses to provide more information about their products or services, improve the overall user experience, and increase the chances of users taking the desired action.

  1. Greenbanana SEO best google digital advertising agency for roas on your cost focused paid media campaignsThe Importance of a Google Ad Agency Understanding Quality Score? A metric that measures the relevance and performance of your ads, keywords, and landing pages, affecting ad rank and cost-per-click.

Here’s why Quality Score is important in Google Ads: ( Keeping an Eye on Quality Score in Google Ads is Really, Very, Super…. Important! )

  1. Quality Score & Ad Rank:

    Quality Score, along with your bid amount, determines your ad rank in the ad auction process. A higher Quality Score indicates that your ads, keywords, and landing pages are more relevant and useful to users searching for the related terms. A better ad rank increases the chances of your ads being shown in a higher position on the search results page, which typically leads to higher click-through rates and better overall performance.
  2. Quality Score & Cost-per-Click ( CPC ):

    A higher Quality Score can also result in a lower cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads. Google rewards advertisers who provide relevant and high-quality ads and landing pages by offering them a lower CPC. This means that with a better Quality Score, you can potentially achieve more clicks and better results for the same or lower advertising budget.
  3. Quality Score & Ad Relevance:

    Quality Score serves as an indicator of how relevant your ads and landing pages are to users searching for specific keywords. A high-Quality Score means that your ads and landing pages are well-matched to the users’ search intent, which can lead to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved overall campaign performance.
  4. Quality Score & Budget Optimization:

    By focusing on improving your Quality Score, you can optimize your advertising budget and ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience. This helps you avoid wasting ad spend on low-performing keywords or poorly-designed ads and landing pages, allowing you to allocate your budget more effectively.
  5. Quality Score & Competitive Advantage!:

    A high-Quality Score can give you a competitive advantage, as your ads will be more likely to appear in top positions and at a lower cost compared to competitors with lower Quality Scores. This can help you capture more market share and drive better results for your business.

If your Ads Agency is not paying attention to quality score you can forget to take advantage of the benefits of the 5 aforementioned points.  A Quality Score in Google Ads is essential for achieving better ad positions, lower costs, improved relevance, and optimized budget allocation, ultimately leading to better overall campaign performance and results.

  1. Greenbanana SEO top google digital agency for roas on cost focused paid campaigns Why do Ad Groups matter?  Organize ads and keywords into thematic ad groups within a campaign.

Here are a few examples of organizing ads and keywords into thematic ad groups within a campaign for different types of businesses:

  1. Electronics Super Store: An online electronics store wants to advertise various product categories in its Google Ads campaign. They could create separate ad groups for each category, allowing them to target specific keywords and tailor ad copy for each group. For example:
    • Ad Group 1: Smartphones Keywords: “buy smartphones online,” “latest smartphones,” “best smartphone deals” Ad Copy: “Shop the Latest Smartphones – Exclusive Deals & Fast Shipping”
    • Ad Group 2: Laptops Keywords: “buy laptops online,” “gaming laptops,” “best laptop offers” Ad Copy: “Discover Top Laptops – Great Prices & Huge Selection”
    • Ad Group 3: Home Audio Systems Keywords: “home audio systems,” “wireless speakers,” “surround sound systems” Ad Copy: “Upgrade Your Home Audio – Quality Systems & Affordable Prices”
  2. Fitness Center: A fitness center wants to promote its various classes and membership options. They could create separate ad groups for each class type and membership offer, such as:
    • Ad Group 1: Yoga Classes Keywords: “yoga classes near me,” “local yoga studio,” “beginner yoga classes” Ad Copy: “Join Our HOT Yoga Classes – All Levels Welcome”
    • Ad Group 2: Personal Training Keywords: “personal trainers,” “fitness coaching,” “custom workout plans” Ad Copy: “Summer is coming! – Expert Personal Trainers Available to get you Swimsuit Ready!”
    • Ad Group 3: Membership Offers Keywords: “gym membership deals,” “fitness center discounts,” “monthly gym plans” Ad Copy: “Sign Up for Our Exclusive Membership Offers – Get Movin’ Today”
  1. Greenbanana SEO best google digital advertising agency for roas on your cost focused paid media campaignsWhat is Ad Rotation Used For? To control the frequency and order in which ads are shown.

Ad Rotation is a great way to test your ad viability! Here are two examples of using ad rotation in Google Ads:
        1. Seasonal Promotion for an Online Shoe Store: An online sneaker and shoe store has created multiple ads for their upcoming winter sale, each highlighting a different aspect of the promotion (e.g., discounted items, free shipping, or additional discounts for newsletter subscribers). They could use ad rotation to evenly distribute the impressions among the different ads, ensuring that each promotional aspect is shown to users with equal frequency. By using ad rotation, the store can expose potential customers to various elements of their winter sale, increasing the chances of generating interest and driving sales.
        2. A/B Testing for an Automotive Company: A Jeep Dealership wants to test different ad copy variations to determine which messaging resonates best with their target audience. They create two different ads for their project management software, one focusing on ease of use (“Jeep Grand Cherokee Special, No Downpayment “) and another emphasizing collaboration features (“Drive Away Today with a New Jeep Grand Cherokee for $299 per month”). The dealership could use ad rotation to evenly show both ads to users, allowing them to gather data on the performance of each variation. After analyzing the results, the GB team can optimize their ad copy based on the most effective messaging, ultimately improving their overall campaign performance.
      1. Greenbanana SEO best google digital advertising agency for roas on your cost focused paid media campaignsWhy Does Conversion Tracking Matter? To monitor and optimize your campaigns based on specific actions users take after clicking ads, such as purchases, sign-ups, or phone calls.

Conversion tracking is considered one of the most important aspects of a Google Ads campaign because it enables you to measure the actual results of your advertising efforts and optimize your campaigns based on those results. At GreenBanana Conversion Tracking is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in determining the success of a Google Ads Campaign.  Conversion tracking helps us Understand which ads, keywords, and targeting options are driving conversions helps you allocate your budget more effectively and make data-driven decisions to improve overall campaign performance. Here’s why conversion tracking is crucial and some examples to illustrate its importance:
1. Measure ROI:

Conversion tracking allows you to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising efforts by tracking specific actions users take after clicking your ads. By calculating the cost per conversion and comparing it to the revenue generated from these conversions, you can determine the profitability of your campaigns and make informed decisions about your ad spend.
Example: An e-commerce store uses conversion tracking to monitor sales generated from their Google Ads campaign. The GB Team can see which ads and keywords are driving the most sales and adjust their bids and budgets accordingly to maximize ROI.

2. Optimize Google  Campaigns:

With conversion data, you can identify high-performing ads, keywords, and targeting options and optimize your campaigns accordingly. This helps you focus your efforts and budget on the most effective elements of your campaign, improving overall performance.


A lead generation company uses conversion tracking to measure the number of sign-ups generated from their Google Ads campaign. GB discovers that certain ad groups and targeting options drive more sign-ups than others and adjust its campaign structure and targeting to capitalize on this information.
3. Improve Quality and Relevance: Conversion data can also help you refine your ad copy and landing pages to align better with user intent and drive more conversions.


A software company uses conversion tracking to monitor free trial sign-ups from their Google Ads campaign. They notice that ads highlighting specific product features have a higher conversion rate than generic ads. GB then updates its ad copy to emphasize these features, resulting in an increase in free trial sign-ups.4. Inform Future Campaigns: Conversion tracking data provides valuable insights into user behavior and preferences that can inform future marketing initiatives, both within Google Ads and across other channels.


A local taco stand uses conversion tracking to measure the number of online reservations generated from its Google Ads campaign. GB notices a significant increase in reservations when they offer a limited-time promotion. This insight informs their future marketing strategies, such as offering similar email or social media marketing promotions.
 Conversion tracking is crucial in a Google Ads campaign as it helps measure ROI, optimize campaigns, improve ad quality and relevance, and inform future marketing strategies, ultimately leading to better results and more effective use of your advertising budget.

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