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GeoFence Marketing Case Study – Enhancing Foot Traffic and Promoting a New Menu Item for a Burger Chain

geofence geofence marketing geofenced geofences geofencing geofencing marketing market marketers marketingGeoFence Marketing Case Study – Enhancing Foot Traffic and Promoting a New Menu Item for a Burger Chain

Brand Overview: A prominent fast-food burger chain with a strong presence in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States.

Target Cost per Store Visit: $5

Goals: Increase in-store visits by location and promote a new vegetarian menu item.

Achieved Results:

  • Over 215,000 restaurant visits were generated.
  • Remarkably low Cost Per Store Visit at $1.09.

A Fast Food Chain’s Quest to Boost Visits and Showcase a Novel Menu Addition

Between January and April 2021, fast-food establishments witnessed a significant 33% surge in nationwide foot traffic (SmallBizTrends). This surge presented a valuable opportunity for advertisers to drive in-person visits to their locations and attribute these visits to their marketing campaigns. Recently, a significant burger chain operating across the Northeast and Midwest seized this programmatic advertising potential and partnered with GreenBanana to draw customers to their restaurants while introducing the new Impossible Burger. They entrusted us to leverage precise location-based targeting methods and granular attribution capabilities, which are particularly crucial for national multi-location brands. Our highly effective Geo Location Programmatic and traditional Geo-Fencing solutions were strongly recommended to meet their objectives.

GreenBanana’s mission was to execute two distinct campaigns, each with specific objectives:

  1. Drive foot traffic and track in-store visits for 353 of their restaurant locations.
  2. Promote the newly launched vegetarian Impossible Burger menu item.

To stimulate foot traffic across 353 stores spanning 11 designated market areas (DMAs) across nine states, we developed a unique strategy. This involved curating and activating a customized addressable audience while deploying Geo-Fencing to target competitor locations. For both campaigns, the predefined target was a Cost Per Store Visit of $5 to any of their restaurant locations. The brand eagerly anticipated the use of comprehensive reporting, enabling precise foot traffic conversion attribution at the individual store level, which would allow for real-time campaign optimization. Additionally, targeted Conversion Lift metrics were employed to gauge the increase in visits to their restaurants attributable to the campaign.

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization

GreenBanana tapped into a third-party audience segment consisting of identified vegetarians to effectively promote the new Impossible Burger. This enabled us to compare the performance between different targeting tactics and this segment, facilitating mid-flight optimizations. Subsequent to the initial results analysis, it became evident that programmatic data outperformed the third-party segments. As a result, the team promptly allocated additional budget to these tactics to maximize campaign performance.

Measuring Offline Conversions Across Multiple Locations

Overall, the brand expressed immense satisfaction with the campaign’s outcomes, as it significantly bolstered traffic to their restaurants. In total, the campaign garnered over 215,000 visits at an impressively low Cost Per Visit of $1.09, surpassing the initial $5 goal by a substantial margin.

Furthermore, leveraging our Conversion Lift reporting, we observed a remarkable 31.76% growth in incremental visits to their restaurants. This increase highlights the percentage difference between customers who visited the designated locations after encountering an advertisement versus those who did so without ad exposure. This data reaffirms the campaign’s substantial impact on driving additional visits and solidifies its success.

geofence marketing - geofence - geo fencing - $1.09
Cost Per Store Visit

Restaurant Visits

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