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Clicks are nice. Conversions are better.
Let our custom-tailored campaigns do the work.

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t’s Time to Keep the Conversation Going: Elevate Your PPC Campaigns with GreenBanana

Your Conversion-First Google Ads Management Team

In the bustling arena of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), agencies are often quick to tout their expertise in increasing quality scores and reducing click prices. However, many overlook what truly matters to clients—conversions. At GreenBanana, we focus on what really counts: Transparent Conversions. Each campaign we create is meticulously designed to align with what’s most important to you, optimizing for maximum Return on Investment (ROI) instead of just clicks or spending.

A Holistic, Data-Driven Approach

Our comprehensive campaign strategy comprises several key steps:

  1. Understanding Your Unique Business Goals: Before any campaign kicks off, we delve deep into your business model and your specific advertising objectives.
  2. Website & Landing Page Optimization: We don’t just drive traffic; we make sure your website or landing pages are primed for optimal lead capture.
  3. Transparent Conversion Tracking: Leveraging your own Google Analytics account, we install robust conversion tracking systems for complete transparency.
  4. Expert In-House Management: Our certified PPC specialists build and manage your campaigns with precision and expertise.
  5. Custom Reporting Dashboard: Track orders, leads, phone calls, forms, and more through a dashboard customized for you.
  6. Monthly Conversion Optimization Calls: The ‘Set it and Forget it’ approach is a myth in the PPC world. We regularly review and refine your campaigns to ensure continued success.

But Wait, There’s More!

Managing campaigns effectively is both an art and a science. Imagine being able to calculate the optimal time of day, device, ad position, ad copy, landing page, and even ad extension for highest conversions. Now, picture adjusting your bids minutely to ensure you’re getting the best possible ROI. Our proprietary Conversion Management System (CMS) does just that, offering unparalleled advantages.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

  • Increased Conversions: By an average of 30%
  • Reduced Cost Per Conversion: By an average of 14.5%
  • Reduced Cost Per Click (CPC): By an average of 55%
  • Increased Clicks: By an average of 77%

Case Study Spotlight: Solving Auto Dealer SEM Woes

The Challenge: A local auto dealership tasked us with overhauling their underperforming Google Ads campaign. Their goal was simple—reduce cost per click and ramp up traffic.

The Outcome: Our team didn’t just boost their traffic within the existing budget; we skyrocketed their conversion volume by a staggering 425%.

Customized Strategies for Unique Businesses

At GreenBanana, we know that every company is unique. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tailor our strategies to meet your specific needs and objectives. It’s time to say goodbye to generic offerings and hello to transparent, conversion-focused strategies with GreenBanana.