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Green Banana SUVWe saw an opportunity amidst the category of search engine optimization (SEO) providers. There was a strong current of overused buzzwords like ‘keyword clusters’, ‘behavior diagnostics’, and ‘search influencers’ floating around. Waves of flashy sales presentations made SEO look like black magic. Prices to clients were on the rise while performance and accountability were shrinking.

That’s when GreenBanana was born. We are a scrappy, hard-working group of people passionate about connecting prospects to your business every day. We are laser-focused on performance. We strive to build trustworthy relationships with each and every client. We keep it simple by doing the work and clearly communicating our process to clients. Accountability and results are our ‘buzzwords.’ And it’s not just lip service. We speak it, but we also created a structure for our clients so they could believe it.

Why we have become tech agnostic

As the search landscape has evolved to incorporate searches on multiple devices, sources, and locations, GreenBanana has been by expanding its offerings into Adwords, mobile advertising, geo-fencing, display, social, and in-app advertising. At GreenBanana, our team is constantly searching out the most effective digital methods to increase meaningful traffic. Our job is to find the digital medium that is right for our clients rather than forcing them into a canned solution.

Conversion is really the only thing that matters

When it comes to our online media management (e.g. Adwords (SEM), display, geofence, video) we begin with conversion in mind. Our products really only excel when we have goals identified and tracked. What this means in real life is setting up conversion metrics or goals;  like the purchase of a product, downloading a white paper, filling out a contact form, calling a phone number, etc.  Whatever action the client wants to track (we help them determine this AND set it up if they cannot). Once we have goals set up, our bid management platforms constantly monitor traffic patterns in Google Analytics as they relate to predetermined goals.

Green Banana SEO Where did the name GreenBanana come from?  Read our origin story here.


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