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There Is Only One Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Auto Dealership

There Is Only One Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Auto Dealership

Why only one?
First, we must figure out what a strategy is.

A true digital marketing strategy is your roadmap to success. It sets your business on an unwavering journey toward your target. Marketing objectives, like building awareness, and activities, like display advertising, support your digital strategy. These supporting activities come and go, but the strategy must prove the test of time.

Here is your opportunity:

use the first page of Google to your advantage. How? By increasing organic traffic and driving conversions. Gone are the days of solely relying on paid media to augment traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to use Google to your advantage. Relevant pages perform well and receive better scores, keeping your business ahead of the competition. Does your agency do all the coding, fixing, writing, tagging, linking, and more on every page of your website?

There is an inherent conflict here. Digital agencies and search engines profit from paid search and display campaigns. It makes sense that Google and its agency partners focus on paid traffic over organic. Good SEO is challenging to do and lacks the automation that occurs in paid search and display. Knowing this, It is understandable why this is the preferred path for many digital agencies.

Over 90% of all online shopping experiences begin on a search engine and most users never see page two. It is necessary that your business has page one real estate on Google and other search engines. When thoughtfully executed, SEO as a strategy becomes a consistent source of traffic and conversions. It is an asset that will return over and over. It also provides a strong foundation on which paid media can be layered to meet short-term marketing objectives. Blending media to meet the client’s objectives is the core of our business.

SEO also lowers costs and provides consistency and predictability. We can put your SEO-first digital marketing strategy into motion while delivering the gold standard of SEO on a Pay-for-Performance basis.

It’s a no-brainer.

Auto Dealers should never return to the volume-over-profit playbook that existed before 2020. We know that inventory levels will normalize, competition will heat up, inflation will start squeezing margin, and with this, a new digital marketing strategy is a must. The 2022 playbook is different. Go back to the basics. Build sustainable organic traffic and build pages that convert. Increase the ability for shoppers to find your business at all points of the funnel by leveraging SEO.

This is flipping the script on your marketing partners. This is crushing the 2022 playbook.

This is No Monkey Business, Just Results.

Get Found!

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