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Better customer acquisition means better conversion. One inbox at a time.

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The GreenBanana Contextual Email Marketing Process

With GreenBanana’s email campaign services, each of the six steps of your email marketing campaign is handled and executed flawlessly. We not only deliver full service email marketing management through our integrated marketing technology, but we also offer outstanding customer service.

Our conversion-based customer acquisition process enables leading brands, top agencies, and entrepreneurial companies to profile core market segments, reach scalable local and national audiences, and deploy targeted email campaigns through premium email delivery partners.

1. Develop an ideal target audience.

We learn more about your ideal target audience through advanced analytics, demographic enhancements, psychographic clustering, and contextual search patterns.

2. Reach the largest but targeted list available.

We leverage a vast network of active verified emails for targeting through real-time multi-channel data fields and expand your target audience reach for scalable customer acquisitions.

3. Verify email deliverability.

We will increase your email marketing campaign ROI, boost inbox delivery, and protect valuable mailing reputation with best-in-class email hygiene services.

4. Deliver your message with premium ESPs.

Our integrated Email Security Premium relationships allow us to seamlessly deliver industry leading inbox capabilities with white glove ESP partners for unparalleled results and ROI.

5. Find the best path to inboxes.

Our adaptive delivery system optimizes inbox placement by utilizing ISP filtering trends and send history to increase both impressions and conversions.

6. Continuous attention to campaign conversion rates.

We are constantly monitoring ongoing campaigns with an eye on conversion rates by developing controlled tests, custom modeling, and analyzing delivery data.


Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions that are long on promises and short on results. Say hello to GreenBanana.

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