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What is True Pay For Performance SEO? What it is Not and Why most SEO Agencies are Afraid of it.

Getting you on page one or you don’t pay! A performance based seo model

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GreenBananaSEO is the country’s first pay for performance SEO company with a unique search engine optimization model design to rank local and national keyword phrases and to be compensated if those phrases get ranked and stay ranked. Our model was engineered to be truly unique.

As a pay for performance SEO company, if you don’t rank, we don’t make money.

No other company offers genuine pay for performance SEO; no other company puts performance before compensation.


Pay for Performance SEO

We focus on getting you ranked

If you don’t rank, you don’t pay, and it’s that simple.

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How A Pay for Performance (PFP) Campaign Works

What is Pay for Performance SEO? Pay for Performance SEO is a performance-based SEO model, and it is as simple as it sounds. If your site doesn’t achieve page one rankings for you keywords of interest, then you don’t pay for the optimizations completed on your site.

GreenBananaSEO is a results-driven SEO agency.

Our SEO model is proven to increase your website’s rankings, traffic, and revenue by getting your keywords on page one.  Our job is to rank your site on page one of a Google search for the keyword or keyword phrase that you choose.  If we rank we are compensated; if we do not rank we are not; if we lose rankings, we are not.  This is not a gimmick; it is a model based on hard work, over time, built to deliver results.

How long does it take to rank with a Pay for Performance program?

It is SUPER important to understand that SEO is a long-term investment. The time it takes for SEO optimizations to achieve a page one ranking is different for every website. SEO requires ongoing attention and continued optimization efforts. Your SEO strategy takes time, planning, and readjusting to achieve and maintain the search engine rankings you desire.  However, if given the time it deserves, a properly implemented SEO strategy can become your website’s biggest traffic driver.

GreenBanana SEO has been successfully delivering pay for performance search engine optimization campaigns for clients for 13 out of the 14 years we have been in business.  The first year we ran SEO programs like every other agency; time and materials.  We found that we were spending more time teaching , defining and educating our clients on the principles of SEO than doing the actual SEO implementation.   So we flipped the model to spending more time on the SEO work and less time on the definitions and reporting.  We chose to do the SEO work and report the results.

Other agency’s have disparaged Pay for Performance SEO companies ; waning that their practices include “black hat” tactics to achieve quick rankings.  We don’t.  We have had clients ranked on page one for hundreds of terms for over 12 years.  Every Pay for Performance client and partner is asked to sign a 12 month “partnership agreement” solidifying our commitment to one another.  GreenBanana’s job is not only to get a website ranked but to keep it ranked; deceptive tactics are simply counter to this model.

Here at GreenBanana SEO we do not guarantee rankings.

We do not guarantee page position.  We do not guarantee fast results.  We Guarantee that we will do the best we can do get your site ranked and if we do not we do not expect to be compensated.     If a client needs to rank quickly we have a Google ads program for that.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component of digital marketing, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to have a strong online presence. You want to hire the right Boston based SEO agency, but with the amount of local and national SEO companies you can choose from, it can be challenging to choose the right one. This is where pay-for-performance SEO comes in – a model where you pay only for the results you get. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of pay for performance SEO for businesses in almost any vertical.
Pay for Performance SEO can get bad rap, especially from other SEO companies who are not willing or able base their search engine optimization programs on results; GreenBanana SEO is not one of them.
First it is important to establish how GreenBanana SEO defines pay for performance search engine optimization.
Every pay for performance campaign offered by GreenBanana SEO is based on 3 core principles.

  1. We do NOT guarantee results.

  2. The client selects the keyword phrases they want their website to rank for.

  3. If the client’s website or GMB listing ranks on page one (Top 10) for the keyword phrases that they chose they pay, if they don’t rank they don’t pay. If their ranks drop, they don’t pay.

Expanding on our 3 Core Search Engine Principles

GreenBanana SEO Search Engine OptimizationOur PFP SEO Principle # 1.

We do NOT guarantee results. It is hard to rank websites, there are multiple factors that contribute to a site ranking.  Some factors are out of our control; for example, a brand-new URL with no authority will take a lot more work and time to rank. Some websites rank quickly and some take months and months to rank.  Again, GreenBanana SEO does NOT guarantee ranking results.   We do the work, we follow the rules and we have been doing Search Engine Optimization for so long that we are able to develop patterns of relatively predictive results.

Need to Rank Fast?  We have a Google Ads (PPC) Program  for that.

One more time; we do NOT guarantee results.  If you absolutely need to rank your website on page one for a keyword or keyword phrase we strongly recommend running a Google Ads program with our paid media team.

GreenBanana SEO Search Engine OptimizationOur PFP SEO Principle # 2.

The client selects the keyword phrases that they want their website to rank for. This principle is an easy one. Some SEOs try and rank keyword phrases that the client didn’t choose and then take credit for rankings.  At GreenBanana SEO our clients choose the keywords or the keyword phrases that they want their website to rank for.  If you are not sure what keyword phrases that you want to rank for one of our search engine experts is more than happy to provide you with a list to choose from based on competitive research and tools such as Google Trends and keyword planners that we have access to.

GreenBanana SEO Search Engine OptimizationOur PFP SEO Principle # 3.

If the client’s website or GMB listing ranks on page one (Top 10) for the keyword phrases that they chose they pay, if they don’t rank they don’t pay.  If their ranks drop, they don’t pay.  This principle is simple as well.  Your bill is based on the keyword phrases that you select.  We check your rankings once a month and your bill is automatically generated based on those rankings.

A significant plus of pay for performance SEO is that it reduces the risk for the client. Alternatively a fixed fee model, clients can end up paying a significant amount of money for services that don’t deliver the desired results. However, with pay for performance program, GreenBanana SEO is motivated to work hard and deliver results. This way, you, the client can be confident that you are paying for actual results, rather than just services that may or may not even make sense to you.

For local companies, pay-for-performance SEO is a particularly attractive option because it can help to level the playing field. In a city where competition is high, businesses that are just starting out find it challenging to compete with larger, more established companies. With pay for performance SEO, even small businesses can access high-quality SEO services and rest assured that they are spending money on a program that was engineered to emphasize results rather than tactics that may or may not work.

Over 14 Years of Serving Customers in Digital Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

Ultimately ,GreenBanana SEO’s pay for performance search engine optimization program is designed to be an effective, results-driven program designed for both local and national companies to achieve their SEO goals.

If you think you are a good fit for Pay for Performace SEO? Contact us here for a free evaluation.

GreenBanana SEO Search Engine Optimization

A Digital Marketing Company with a Focus on Delivering Rankings that Produce Results.

With a focus on delivering quality results, GreenBanana SEO offers a full range of services including pay for Performance SEO, Google Ads management, Content marketing, social media marketing, web design, email marketing, connected TV (OTT), geo-fencing, multi-channel programmatic, video marketing, marketing automation, UI testing, and even back end development. Over the last 15 years, we have assembled and trained a team of digital pioneers who are consistently scouring the internet for the latest strategies and techniques that drive not only the most quality traffic but also the most efficient leads to our clients.

Think you are a good fit for Pay for Performance SEO? Contact us here for a free evaluation.

The GreenBananaSEO Partner Program

GreenBananaSEO is also a pay for performance SEO company that can partner with another traditional or digital advertising agency that is expanding its digital services.  All of our pay for performance SEO agency programs can be white-labeled to blend seamlessly with a partner pay for performance SEO agency, on either a local or national scale. Interested in Offering Pay for Performance SEO to your clients? Visit our Partner Program page.

Are you an Agency who wants to offer Pay for Performance Search Engine Optimization to your Clients?

GreenBanana SEO proudly introduces its groundbreaking pay-for-performance SEO program, now available for partners to offer as a white label solution, enriching their agency portfolios with an unmatched results-driven service. With over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, GreenBanana SEO has meticulously crafted a pay-for-performance model that empowers partners to provide their clients with exceptional SEO outcomes. This program ensures that partners only pay for the optimization services when their clients’ websites achieve page-one rankings for their chosen keywords. By seamlessly integrating this white label offering, partners can enhance their agency’s value proposition, expand their service offerings, and drive tangible results for their clients in a highly competitive digital landscape. GreenBanana SEO’s pay-for-performance SEO program represents a strategic opportunity for partners to establish themselves as leaders in the industry while delivering measurable success to their clients.

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