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Pay for Performance Search Engine Optimization.

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GreenBanana SEO: A Boston SEO Agency that is Helping Boston Businesses Rank Through adaptive (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Having a strong online footprint gives both local and national businesses a significant competitive advantage.  This is where GreenBanana can help.

GreenBanana SEO is a leading SEO agency in Boston with more than 15 years in business and hundreds and hundreds of clients ranging form local service companies to national product and aerospace companies.

A Digital Marketing Company with a Focus on Delivering Rankings that Produce Results.

With a focus on delivering quality results, GreenBanana SEO, located just outside of Boston, offers a full range of services including pay for Performance SEO, Google Ads management, Content marketing, social media marketing, web design, email marketing, connected TV (OTT), geo-fencing, multi-channel programmatic, video marketing, marketing automation, UI testing, and even back end development. Over the last 15 years, we have assembled and trained a team of digital pioneers who are consistently scouring the internet for the latest strategies and techniques that drive not only the most quality traffic but also the most efficient leads to our clients.

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Expert Keyword Phrase Research & Analysis to Deliver Optimal ROI

A core competency of GreenBanana SEO is search engine optimization (SEO). We conduct thorough research on the most effective keyword phrases to drive the highest quality traffic to use for our clients’ sites and optimize the pages with the right combination of content, metadata, and schema to enable high-ranking results.

On and Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Another core competency of GreenBanana SEO ( a Boston based SEO Agency) is helping our clients understand the ever-changing search engine optimization landscape and how we can help them rank.  The following is a brief explanation of the basic tenants of SEO; on page and off page optimization.
SEO is complex and ever-evolving.  Search Engine Land published an article in the end of 2022 referencing that Google made more than 5,500 updates; that is a little more than 15 updates a day. Some of the most important factors that influence SEO include keyword research, content quality, user experience, website speed, backlinks, and social media engagement. Thankfully only a handful of those 5,500 updates are core updates that can impact search rankings, but it is critical that you select an SEO team who stays current with these updates.

Broadly, SEO consists of two types of optimization tactics: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization simply refers to the changes you make to your website, while off-page optimization refers to the strategies you use to promote your website to external sources.  Think about on-page optimization as you talk to Google about yourself and off-page optimization as other people talking to Google about you; the on-page optimization creates keyword relevance, and off-page optimization promotes keyword relevance.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency IconWhere to start – ( Step 1) Keyword Research and Expert Analysis

Keyword research is simply the process of identifying the right keywords and phrases people use when searching for information on search engines like Google and Bing. Keyword search result information is used to determine how to optimize the website content to match what people are looking for, thereby increasing the website’s visibility in search results.

Keyword research establishes the foundation of your SEO project, in fact, if you don’t know what keyword phrases you want your site to rank for, you shouldn’t even begin a search engine optimization project.  Understanding what your target audience is searching for and how to meet their needs is a critical first step.  By analyzing keywords, you can gain insight into the behavior and preferences of your target audience, as well as identify new opportunities to reach them. GreenBanana SEO ranked as one of the top SEO agencies in Boston, has a host of tools, including search relevance and competitive tracking tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. that we use to help our clients determine the best keyword phrases that you need to drive the highest quality leads.

It is important to note that finding AND ranking some keyword phrases does not always guarantee lead generation, so it is important that you choose your phrases wisely.  In some instances, when clients want to test keyword viability, we recommend running a test with our Google Ads team .  By running a Google Ads program you will be able to quickly see if a page one ranking will generate the right results.  Yes, it is an investment, but it can save you from embarking on the wrong path on your search engine optimization (SEO)  journey.

Once you have identified your target keywords, we can use them to generate and optimize your website content, including your titles, headings, meta descriptions, and body copy. By using relevant, related, and supporting keywords, you can improve your website’s visibility in search results and drive more traffic to your site.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency IconStep 2:  Setting Your Site Up for Online Marketing Success

User experience is a rank factor.  Google’s and Bing’s FIRST job is to keep users on their platforms.  If a user has a bad experience, they may stop using search; this is a big deal, and therefore it is a rank factor.  If your site is too slow, if it has errors or security issues, your rankings may be impeded.

GreenBanana SEO, has a web developer with over 30 years of experience, and this is a linear experience, not combined.  No matter what platform your site is on we have the technical chops to get your site set up for search engine optimization success, which is why GreenBanana SEO is one of the top SEO agencies in Boston.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency IconStep 3: On-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization simply refers to the updates the GreenBanana SEO team will to your individual web pages to improve your search engine rankings. First, we develop relevant content and optimize your existing website content, then we structure metadata, schema, and HTML code based on that relevancy.

A few of the more important on-page optimization techniques include optimizing website titles, headings, and meta descriptions, using relevant and targeted keywords, and creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content. Other on-page optimization strategies include optimizing images and videos and using internal linking to improve website navigation.

On-page optimization is important because it directly affects your website’s ability to rank well. By making your website more search engine and user-friendly, you can not only improve your website’s visibility but also drive more traffic to your site.  Deploying the on-page tactics described above is another reason why GreenBanana SEO is one of the best SEO agencies in the Boston area.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency IconStep 4: Off-page Search Engine Optimization

Off-page optimization refers to the strategies GreenBanana SEO uses to ‘get other websites to promote your content’. This includes very high-quality link- outreach programs, social media marketing, and other promotional activities that help increase your website’s visibility and authority.

Link building is one of the most important off-page optimization techniques it helps improve your website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines like Bing and Google.  Gaining high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites can have a significant impact on your website’s search engine rankings resulting in more high-quality traffic to your website.  It is exceptionally important to note here that GreenBanana SEO does not buy links; buying links is a risky tactic and one that search engines frown upon.  GreenBanana has an exclusive outreach program that helps your website gain high authority referring websites leading to some amazing results.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency IconStep 5: Search Engine Submission

Submitting your website to both Bing and Google is a critical step in the process of establishing a healthy online presence. When you create a new website, it can be difficult for people to find it unless they already know the URL.  By submitting your website to search engines, you are notifying them that your website exists and should be indexed in their search results, increasing your site’s chances of being discovered by potential visitors who are searching for topics related to your website.  Additionally, submitting to search engines helps them to better understand the content and structure of your website.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency IconStep 6: Reporting and Monitoring Services

Reporting and monitoring are essential to a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, particularly in a competitive area like Boston. Measuring the effectiveness of our efforts and tracking your progress over time is the most effective way to monitor how search engines are reacting to your campaign changes. By monitoring your website’s traffic, rankings, and other key metrics, you can gain valuable insights into which updates are working and which ones are not.  Effective reporting and monitoring allow us to make data-driven decisions and make adjustments as needed to improve your results. Additionally, in-depth reporting and monitoring help us stay up-to-date with changes to search engine algorithms. Overall, reporting and monitoring are essential components of a successful SEO strategy that can help you achieve your goals and maximize the ROI of your online efforts.

Kevin Roy Author Bio Author – Kevin Roy

Kevin Roy is a performance-driven leader who has built his career around providing vision for profitable growth strategies, products, services, and new market entries. Throughout his career, he has delivered tens of millions of dollars in revenue for private and public organizations in technology, finance, manufacturing, non-profits, retail, defense, biotech, fintech, and many other businesses. As a change agent, he has a proven history of increasing profitability and finding innovative solutions to complex issues. Kevin excels at building collaborative, cross-functional relationships that improve business outcomes, enhance customer experience, and drive up annual profit margin

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Think you are a good fit for Pay for Performance SEO? Contact us here for a free evaluation.

SEO Agency BostonIf your website does not rank, you do not pay; simple.

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Pay for Performance SEO: The Benefits of Paying for Results

Pay for performance SEO

is a performance based SEO model, and it is as simple as it sounds. If your site doesn’t achieve page one rankings for your keywords of interest, then you don’t pay for the optimizations completed on your site.

Greater Bostons GreenBanana SEO offers a results driven SEO program.

Page One or You Don’t Pay

Our SEO model is proven to increase your website’s rankings, traffic and revenue by getting your keywords on page one. Best of all, if we don’t achieve page one rankings, you don’t pay!

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(SEO) is an essential component of digital marketing, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to have a strong online presence. You want to hire the right Boston-based SEO agency, but with the amount of local and national SEO companies you can choose from, it can be challenging to choose the right one. This is where pay-for-performance SEO comes in – a model where you pay only for the results you get. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of pay for performance SEO for Boston companies.

Pay for Performance SEO can get a bad rap, especially from other SEO companies who are not willing or able to base their search engine optimization programs on results; GreenBanana SEO is not one of them.
First, it is important to establish how GreenBanana SEO defines pay for performance search engine optimization.
Every pay-for-performance campaign offered by GreenBanana SEO is based on 3 core principles.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency Icon

    1. We do NOT guarantee results.

    2. The client selects the keyword phrases they want their website to rank for.

    3. If the client’s website or GMB listing ranks on page one (Top 10) for the keyword phrases that they chose they pay, if they don’t rank they don’t pay. If their ranks drop, they don’t pay.

Expanding on our 3 Core Search Engine Principles

Boston Area Seo Agency Banana

Boston SEO Agency IconOur PFP SEO Principle # 1.

We do NOT guarantee results. It is hard to rank websites, there are multiple factors that contribute to a site ranking.  Some factors are out of our control; for example, a brand-new URL with no authority will take a lot more work and time to rank. Some websites rank quickly and some take months and months to rank.  Again, GreenBanana SEO does NOT guarantee ranking results.   We do the work, we follow the rules and we have been doing Search Engine Optimization for so long that we are able to develop patterns of relatively predictive results.

Need to Rank Fast?  We have a Google Ads (PPC) Program for that.

One more time; we do NOT guarantee results.  If you absolutely need to rank your website on page one for a keyword or keyword phrase we strongly recommend running a Google Ads program with our paid media team.
Boston Area Seo Agency Banana

Boston SEO Agency IconOur PFP SEO Principle # 2.

The client selects the keyword phrases that they want their website to rank for. This principle is an easy one. Some SEOs try and rank keyword phrases that the client didn’t choose and then take credit for rankings.  At GreenBanana SEO our clients choose the keywords or the keyword phrases that they want their website to rank for.  If you are not sure what keyword phrases you want to rank for one of our search engine specialists is more than happy to provide you with a list to choose from based on competitive research and tools such as Google Trends and keyword planners that we have access to.
Boston Area Seo Agency Banana

Boston SEO Agency IconOur PFP SEO Principle # 3.

If the client’s website or GMB listing ranks on page one (Top 10) for the keyword phrases that they chose they pay, if they don’t rank they don’t pay.  If their ranks drop, they don’t pay.  This principle is simple as well.  Your bill is based on the keyword phrases that you select.  We check your rankings once a month and your bill is automatically generated based on those rankings.

One of the benefits of pay-for-performance Search Engine Optimization is that it reduces risk for the client. With a fixed fee model, clients can end up paying a significant amount of money for services that don’t deliver the desired results. However, with pay for performance program, GreenBanana SEO is motivated to work hard and deliver results. This way, you, the client can be confident that you are paying for actual results, rather than just services that may or may not even make sense to you.

For Boston based companies, pay-for-performance SEO is a particularly attractive option because it can help to level the playing field. In a city where competition is high, businesses that are just starting out find it challenging to compete with larger, more established companies. But with pay for performance SEO, even small businesses can access high-quality SEO services and rest assured that their hard-earned money is spent on a program engineered to deliver results.

Boston SEO Agency IconOver 14 Years of Serving Customers in Digital Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

Ultimately, GreenBanana SEO’s pay for performance search engine optimization program is designed to be an affordable, results-driven program designed for companies not only in  Boston but also the entire United States to achieve their SEO goals.

If you think you are a good fit for our SEO program contact us here for a free evaluation.

Other digital marketing services offered by GreenBanana SEOBoston SEO Agency Icon

GreenBanana SEO, one of Boston’s top Pay for Performance Search Engine Optimization program agencies, also offers Google Ads Agency advertising to help our clients drive more relevant traffic to their sites. We create custom campaigns that target specific keywords, locations, and audiences, ensuring our clients get the maximum conversions for their advertising budget.

Boston SEO Agency IconPay Per Click (PPC) & Paid Social Media Services

In addition to Pay for Performance SEO program and PPC (pay per click) Google Ads, GreenBanana SEO provides content marketing services. We create high-quality, relevant, targeted content that attracts and engage the right users. By running advertising on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and TikTok we help our clients increase online their digital brand footprint.

Bullet Icon for Boston SEO Agency Icon

Website Design and Development | Heat Mapping Services & Conversion Optimization

Other related services that GreenBanana SEO provides include Heat Mapping & UI testing as well as Website Design & Development. We design and develop custom, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly websites that are optimized not only for maximum conversions but also for search engines.

Boston Area Seo Agency BananaTestimonials from our digital marketing search engine optimization clients

  1. “Working with GreenBanana SEO was a game-changer for our business. Their team of experts helped us to completely revamp our website, optimize it for Google, and increase our website traffic using both organic and PPC – Google Ads tactics. They were kind , professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their digital marketing to the next level.” – KC ( biotech )
  2. GreenBanana SEO has been our go-to SEO and Google ads – PPC agency for several years now, and they have never let us down. Their SEO team has helped us fuel our organic rankings with expert blog content while their PPC team helped which led to more leads quickly. I highly recommend Kevin and the GB team to anyone looking for SEO and online marketing help.” – MZ (home services)
  3. GreenBanana SEO has exceeded our expectations. They helped us create a custom strategy that was expertly tailored to our business needs and goals. Their team has an amazing knowledge base and are always available to answer any questions and give us straight answers, which we find incredibly refreshing. Thank you bananas!.” – CM (corporate video production).

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Pay for Performance SEO Agency

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GreenBanana SEOGreenBanana SEO Search Engine Optimization

A Digital Advertising and Search Engine Optimization Team with  a Passion for Results!

A leading digital marketing agency based just outside of Boston. Our team of experienced professionals offers a full range of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing, geo fencing, programmatic advertising, OTT and more. Our mission is to not only help businesses succeed in an ever changing digital landscape by providing customized, data-driven marketing solutions that drive real results.

Our Commitment to Be the Leading Marketing Agency in Greater Boston and Beyond

We pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency, accountability, and client satisfaction. We believe that every business is unique and deserves a customized approach to digital marketing, which is why we take the time to understand our clients’ goals, challenges, and audience. Our data-driven approach ensures that our clients get the most out of their marketing investment, and our transparent reporting and communication keep them informed every step of the way.

Over 14 Years of Experience as a Boston Search Engine Optimization Agency

With over 14 years of experience, GreenBanana SEO has helped hundreds and hundreds of clients in over 30 different industries achieve their rankings and other digital marketing goals. We focus on delivering quality results and provide more than just exceptional customer service but really try to become your trusted advisor. We understand that each project is unique, and work closely with you clients to understand you needs and develop a customized strategy designed for success.

Need help? Contact us today to see if we are a good fit for one another and learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.


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