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GeoFence Marketing Case Study – National Smoothie Franchise Increases Online Orders and Curbside Pickups

geofence marketing geofenced geofences geofencing geofencing marketing market marketersGeoFence Marketing Case Study – National Smoothie Franchise Increases Online Orders  & Curbside Pickups

Brand Overview: A renowned national smoothie franchise with a network of 156 locations.

Objective: Achieve a 15% increase in curbside pickup orders while boosting online orders.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Habits in the COVID-19 Era

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across various industries had to adapt their operations and advertising strategies to cater to evolving consumer preferences. The food and beverage sector, in particular, saw a surge in demand for online orders and curbside pickups, as traditional dining habits underwent a significant transformation. In response to these shifting dynamics, a national smoothie franchise turned to GreenBanana to swiftly recalibrate its advertising approach. The franchise aimed to generate online orders and raise awareness of its newly introduced curbside pickup service.

The smoothie brand targeted 156 locations across six states: Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia, and Texas. To achieve their objectives, the advertiser simultaneously executed two distinct campaigns: one aimed at driving curbside store visits and the other focused on increasing online orders through their website.

Strategic Campaign Approach

GreenBanana devised a comprehensive strategy utilizing Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones to drive physical store visits and Addressable Geo-Fencing along with Site Retargeting to stimulate online orders. Both campaigns showcased two enticing smoothie flavors and informed potential customers about the convenience of “grab and go” options.

To attract foot traffic to local stores, GreenBanana established Geo-Fence target zones around competitor locations to identify potential customers. The team meticulously crafted over 1,200 custom Geo-Fences, encompassing coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, and other smoothie competitors. Furthermore, the team created 156 conversion zones around each individual store, specifically delineating curbside pickup areas. This strategic setup allowed the advertiser to track conversions of users who entered a Geo-Fence, viewed an ad, and subsequently visited one of the brand’s stores.

Utilizing Addressable Geo-Fencing for Precise Household Targeting

GreenBanana also harnessed the power of Addressable Geo-Fencing to pinpoint individual households, with the ultimate goal of augmenting online orders. Leveraging our Location-Based Audience Curation tool, our team meticulously tailored an addressable audience by leveraging location data and selecting from a comprehensive array of over 700 demographic variables. Our focus zeroed in on customers aged 25-54 living within a short radius of their locations, resulting in a staggering reach of over 945,000 households.

To accurately target this audience, the Geo-Fencing approach utilized GPS data in tandem with plat lines, ensuring that each address was matched precisely to its physical location, encompassing property boundaries, shape, and size. Subsequently, an automated process established Geo-Fence target zones around each property, enabling the precise targeting of individual households. The advertiser opted to exclusively deliver these tailored ads on mobile devices. Additionally, the campaign incorporated Site Retargeting to entice potential customers who had visited the brand’s website but had not yet completed a purchase. Both the Addressable Geo-Fencing and Site Retargeting strategies employed a conversion pixel integrated into the website order form, facilitating the tracking of online orders generated from users exposed to the ads.

With an unwavering commitment to swift and adaptable customer service, GreenBanana expedited the launch of this month-long campaign in just five days. During this rapid setup process, GreenBanana’s Account Executives meticulously erected Geo-Fences around hundreds of locations, uploaded multiple creative assets across various tactics, and seamlessly integrated conversion pixels to gauge online order activity. Furthermore, we diligently monitored and assessed the outcomes of each campaign for all 156 individual locations, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their performance.

Results: The Geo-Fencing campaign yielded 5,230 curbside visits across more than 150 locations in just 30 days. Additionally, the efforts to drive online orders resulted in 393 orders. Final campaign reporting showed curbside visits increased by an average of 26% week over week.

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