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GeoFence Marketing Case Study – National Grocery Store Chain Increases Store Visits with GreenBanana’s Geo-Fencing Solution

geofence geofence marketing geofenced geofences geofencing geofencing marketing market marketers marketingGeofence Marketing Case Study: National Grocery Chain Embraces GeoFencing For Localization in Advertising Efforts

Geofence Marketing Solutions:

In the realm of grocery shopping, trends can fluctuate significantly from one state or city to another. With a vast network of over 300 stores spread across the country, a prominent grocery retailer has keenly identified the opportunity to tailor their advertising approach to cater to the unique needs of each local market. To achieve this, they turned to their trusted advertising agency to orchestrate a strategic location-based advertising campaign aimed at boosting foot traffic and sales in their individual stores.

This advertising agency had previously collaborated with GreenBanana on behalf of numerous clients, leveraging GreenBanana’s advanced Geo-Fencing technology to deliver precise targeting and insightful foot traffic data. Based on their past successes, the agency had complete confidence in achieving similar outstanding outcomes for this grocery retailer.
Working in tandem, the grocery brand, the advertising agency, and GreenBanana meticulously crafted a bespoke campaign that seamlessly merged localized execution with a national reach. This innovative campaign harnessed the power of Geo-Fencing, Geo-Fencing Retargeting, and Addressable Geo-Fencing, all within a budget of $1 million.

The campaign’s strategic focus was two-fold:

  1. Elevating the average purchase price among existing customers.
  2. Attracting and acquiring new customers to their stores.

Boosting Average Purchase Amount Among Current Customers

The initial objective was to exclusively focus on the existing customer base and encourage them to increase their average purchase amount. To accomplish this, the agency harnessed the capabilities of GreenBanana’s Geo-Fencing solution, strategically encircling 329 of the brand’s store locations. This ensured that their efforts were concentrated solely on active customers who had recently visited one of their stores. The advantage of this approach was the ability to continue targeting local customers for up to 30 days after their store visit.

Attracting New Customers through Precision Location Targeting

To entice new shoppers into their stores, the agency employed GreenBanana’s Addressable Audience Curation tool to create a customized audience at the household level in strategic proximity to the brand’s store locations. With a selection of over 700 demographic and offline variables at their disposal, they meticulously crafted an audience mirroring the brand’s ideal customer profile—individuals leading active lifestyles.

After incorporating relevant interests like boating/sailing, camping/hiking, luxury living, fitness, gardening, and more, the tool identified a staggering 41 million potential addresses. Subsequently, GreenBanana’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution utilized GPS data, coupled with plat lines, to precisely map each address to its physical location, encompassing property boundaries and dimensions. This system then automatically established individual target fences around each property for precise household targeting.

Expanding the Reach by Competing with Rivals

GreenBanana further employed Geo-Fencing to conquer competitors’ shoppers by placing target fences around competitor stores, effectively reaching out to those shoppers. In total, approximately 9,000 target fences were deployed around all competing stores in proximity to each of the advertiser’s locations, encompassing both well-known national brands and smaller local grocery markets. Additionally, 329 Conversion Zones were strategically positioned around the brand’s stores to gauge the number of targeted users who subsequently visited one of their locations.

Assessing Success Across Multiple Locations

With numerous targeting tactics concurrently in action for nearly 330 individual stores, GreenBanana and the agency closely collaborated to manage thousands of localized promotions spanning the nation. The agency leveraged GreenBanana’s robust reporting capabilities to analyze and optimize the campaigns meticulously, consistently enhancing their performance. Throughout the campaign duration, the brand could meticulously track the total number of store visits and the overall Cost Per Visit, with detailed breakdowns for each store, geo-fenced competitor locations, designated market areas (DMA), and even down to the ZIP+4 level.

In the end, the campaign achieved resounding success nationwide. The collaboration yielded an average Cost Per Visit of $4.12, reaching an impressive 21,235,450 unique users. In total, the campaign generated a combined 129,448 store visits, delivering substantial results for the brand.

geofence marketing - geofence - geo fencing - $4.48
Cost Per Action

Total Store Visits

Million Unique User Reach

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