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Better lead velocity. Pun intended.

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Custom landing pages that send leads direct to your inbox & CRM

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Margins are tight on used cars, and getting quality traffic can be costly. This is where GreenBanana’s managed inventory feed comes in. Our platform simplifies the distribution of your inventory across multiple platforms and social channels. Leads come directly to your CRM. Sell a car? We pulled the listing for you. It’s that simple.

GreenBanana’s platform tracks views, average cost per lead, lead type, and much more. Correlate lead velocity with cars sold. We don’t lock our customers into long contracts. Our service moves cars, and customers thank us with their loyalty.

Managed Inventory Posting

GreenBanana’s managed service posts all of your used car inventory in places that consumers are looking. Your cars will be listed in the following places:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • TapCars
  • Backpage
  • Instagram (Fall 2016)
  • Twitter (Fall 2016)

Complete Lead Tracking

Your data is collected from all points of interaction. Leads can contact you by the means that works best – phone, email, text & credit reports. No matter the channel, our system captures valuable lead information.

Custom Landing Pages that Send Leads Directly to Your Inbox & CRM

Your custom landing pages and multi-channel coverage drive massive traffic and a high volume of leads per car. We can automatically populate your CRM or send emails to your sales team. More than a name and phone number, our lead generation program can include*:

  • Specific Car
  • Recorded Voicemail
  • Credit Application*
  • Employer & Monthly Income*
  • And more!


Find New Inventory

GreenBanana’s system can even send your BDC custom alerts when desirable private-party cars are posted for sale. Set notifications for make, model, year, location, and other important features.

Dynamic Reporting

Watching your marketing spend? GreenBanana’s reporting tool will monitor cost per lead, collect traffic stats, and calculate true ROI on your lead generation spend.

Listen to an Actual Call:

Caller: ‘Hi, I’m calling about your 2008 Nissan 350Z you have listed online. Is that still available?’

Sales: ‘Yes! I just test drove it with a customer this morning.’

Caller: ‘Great! I’m about 45 minutes away, I’d like to stop by and see it.’


Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions that are long on promises and short on results. Say hello to GreenBanana.

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