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— Looking into a SEO Partner Program —


When talking about a SEO partner program, you need to look at the bigger picture and not just SEO. Yeah, it sounds a bit confusing if not weird, but what happens when you outsource a SEO partner, is that you are also outsourcing internet presence for your company. This means one thing, that the services you will get should add more value than just optimizing your website for search engines. SEO just represents a portion of what you can do when you carry out a proper marketing campaign.

Your SEO partner should have the necessary capacity to manage your social media, email marketing, PPC and much more and make recommendations on how your business could benefit in terms of growth from all these technologies. Such actions will definitely provide you with a good ROI.

Measurable targets should be set – one thing you need to agree on with your SEO partner before signing any contract or paying any money is on the deliverables. You need to know what their deliverables would be at the end of the project. Something that should guarantee your satisfaction should be in the form of a report bearing an action list, more traffic, better Google rankings, more followers on social media i.e. Facebook among others.

Don’t set targets that cannot be measured and avoid as much as you can on agreeing on general terms. The best thing about the internet is that you can measure almost everything so your SEO partner therefore should have targets that are precise and measurable.

Agree on Action Plan – a good SEO partner should do the work in a workable satisfactory period. SEO marketing is something that needs time to work. It is not a process that will take one week or one month and you expect results. It is therefore important to have an action plan that illustrates milestones and has measurable targets. A good outline of actions to be executed each month and expected results should be the foundation of a detailed plan.

If you want to exactly know the actions required before starting your project, then you will have to ask your SEO partner to carry out a SEO Audit of your website. This will mean paying a one-time fee which may be some reasonable amount, but the added advantage of an audit is that it will bring an action list that can be converted into a project plan.

Monitor Progress – this should be done on a monthly basis if possible. Just like any other project, it is always important to monitor an SEO campaign. Of course you will not be happy paying money when you see no results and therefore you may not want to continue paying for more months that the work needs for it to be complete. The easiest and best way of monitoring your SEO partner is to try and get from them a detailed monthly reporting. The report should be able to detail actions taken, and improvements within the set timelines.


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