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Google has come out with three new tests in 2021 that Google is claiming will adversely affect SEO rankings.

If your website does not pass all three of Google’s Page Experience Requirements your site’s search rankings will most likely impacted. The complete details from Google can be found here.

In order to stay on top of Google’s latest changes, we recommend your site passes the following 3 tests:

  1. SITE SECURITY TEST:  Does the website have an SSL?
  2. MOBILE-FRIENDLY TEST: Does the website pass Google’s mobile-friendly test?
  3. SITE SPEED TEST: Does the website pass Google’s page speed test?

Learn about each by clicking through the tabs below:

What does this mean for you?

Google is now looking for websites to have an SSL (https:// rather than http://) regardless of whether monetary transactions occur on the website. Your site must have an SSL associated with it, as this is now an SEO rank factor. You can check if your site currently has an SSL certificate installed here.

What do we recommend you do?

  • If GreenBanana currently hosts your website, fill out the form and we can install the SSL for you. This is an annual fee of $250.
  • If your website is hosted by another provider, contact their hosting support team and ask them to install an SSL for you.
  • GreenBanana can also assist in working with your hosting company to install the SSL on your behalf. These fees will vary depending on each hosting provider’s SSL costs.

What does this mean for you?

Google is now looking for all desktop websites to also have a mobile-friendly version as more and more users are now on their phones. If your site is currently not mobile-friendly in the Google test, it must be addressed.

What do we recommend you do?

What does this mean for you?

Google is now looking for mobile website load speeds to be faster than they’ve allowed in the past. Google is now recommending that site load speed (First Contentful Paint) be under 2.5 seconds.

You can view these results in real time by visiting Google’s load speed tool and scrolling down to the “Lab Data” section. Anything marked with a red triangle is a failing factor.

What do we recommend you do?

  1. We suggest contacting your web developers and provide them this information. They will need to work on increasing mobile site speed on your behalf. Once they have completed the work you can click the link above to retest your site load speed. 
  2. Contact us at GreenBanana and our web development team can come up with a plan to do this for you. Contact GreenBanana using the form on the right.

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