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This local automotive dealer asked GreenBanana to take over a struggling Google Adwords/Pay Per Click campaign. The dealership’s objective was to decrease cost per click and drive more traffic to the store. Our certified adwords experts were not only able to increase their traffic (without changing budget) but also increase their conversion volume by 425%!


Identify Key Performance Indexes

The GreenBanana team began by identifying the website goals that contributed most to the dealership’s bottom line. Their Google Analytics account, we discovered, was tracking many non performance KPI’s (Key Performance Indexes) causing any conversion based optimization tools to fail. Once these removed these items we could begin building a campaign to maximize true conversions.

Analyze Current Traffic Patterns

Creating campaigns on legacy websites can be a daunting task, however many sites have promising traffic patterns that can be capitalized on.?? Our Analytics experts at GreenBanana were able to identify key pages with significant conversion drop offs. By making design and code changes to these pages we were able to build a solid conversion foundation on which to drive new traffic to.

Customize Landing Pages for Conversions

Driving web traffic to pages that do not convert is like catching water in a sock; most of the stuff? you want just filters right through.?? While many agencies place the onus of non-converting native design on the site owner, at GreenBanana we don’t like to push our well-built campaigns into a vacuum. Many of the critical landing pages on the automotive site had poor conversion rates so the designers and developers at GreenBanana teamed up with the Adwords specials and developed multiple conversion paths.

Build out an Elegant SEM Campaign

At GreenBanana we think that building out a high converting SEM/Pay Per Click campaign is both and science an art. Not only do the ads need to be relevant to bolster quality score (a key factor in keeping CPC low) but they also have to entice consumers to both click AND convert. The automotive online marketplace is crowded and hyper price competitive. The Adwords experts at GreenBanana were able to build a flexible adwords platform that enabled us to adjust ad copy rapidly to adapt to rapidly chanting incentives and competitive pressures.

Our Proprietary Conversion Maximization Tool

Now for the fun part: Imaging if you could calculate the best time of day, device, ad position, ad copy, ad group, landing page, location and ad extension to deliver the most conversions every hour, 24 hours a day. Then imagine if you could adjust CPC (cost per click) bidding in penny increments, over and over and over again, to ensure that your best converting clicks are the lowest they can possible be do deliver the maximum R.O.I. Our conversion tool does just that. When bolted onto our client’s automotive campaign our conversion maximization tool produced some amazing results.

The Results

Hopefully you didn’t just skip ahead to this part, but these results can speak for themselves. Below is 2 week year over year snapshot comparing of BOTH Paid Google traffic and conversions over a 2 week period on GreenBanana’s new bid management platform to Paid Google traffic running directly on Google’s Adwords platform. Weekly SPEND amount allocated is exactly the same in this comparison!

  • Sessions Up: 253.72%
  • New Users Up: 200%
  • Bounce Rate Better By: 14.71%
  • Average Session Duration Up By: 83.52%
  • Conversion Rate Up By: 48.42%
  • Goal Completions Up By: 425.00%

Now we Set it and Forget it?

Here is a mistake that many agencies make; once a campaign is running well you no longer have to look at it. Setting up a campaign, bolting on a fully charged conversion optimization tool and letting it go is like pushing a boats throttle all the way down, tying the steering wheel and jumping off. It will go great for a bit but as soon as it hits a wave, a pricing change, a market correction or a Google update it will run off course. This automotive success story still marches on with constant adjustments and frequent client check-ins to assure that the campaign remains vibrant and on course.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions that are long on promises and short on results. Say hello to GreenBanana.