• Pay for Performance SEO

    No Monkey Business, Just Results.

    We at GreenBananaSEO felt it was time to disrupt the buzzwords, the hokey guarantees and the charlatans of the SEO world and offer something better. Our model is easy and proves we stand behind our expertise — if your business is not on page one of the major online search engines, you do not pay.

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Yes! I Want to be on Page One!

  • Adwords Management

    Just like we turned the SEO category upside down to create a superior approach for our clients, we did the same with Paid Search (a.k.a. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM). We saw a paid search industry that was built on a commission-based revenue model.

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  • Display Advertising

    Our Behavioral Display Banner Advertising service allows you to target your ads using contextual relevance, rather than broad demographics. By tracking users’ online usage patterns, we can place your ads on web pages that better fit the business you are in.

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  • Remarketing

    Not every person that visits your website becomes a customer. We know remarketing is just as important as getting found online the first time. Our Remarketing Service allows you to track site visitors over a specific period of time after they have left your site.

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  • Lead Intelligence

    Our Lead Intelligence tool is real-time reporting and deep profiling of any visitor to your website. Our technology gives you useful site traffic data, but goes a step further to identify who the visitor is, and can even integrate with lead management platforms.

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  • Web Development

    We’ve been architecting, designing and producing websites for over 10 years. At GreenBanana, we not only build you an efficient, intuitive, and beautiful site, we will build you a site that gets found in the infinite sea of sites that make up the internet.

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  • Reputation Development

    “With the ability for anyone to post an opinion, picture or postulation to the masses, we are without doubt in the age of transparency. Our custom-built tool gives our clients a bit more control in the matter without suppressing the freedom of your customers’ voice.”

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  • GreenBanana and their effort to place my website on page one of all the major search engines has been the single most effective campaign I have ever utilized. If you have a website and are not doing everything you can to get it positioned properly, it’s not generating the business it should for you.

    John A. Herzog, DDSHerzog Dental
  • The team at GreenBananaSEO has gone beyond all expectations! When we receive a call, we always ask how they heard about us, and if they are a NEW customer they found us on the 1st page of Google! Thanks guys!

    Ryan Williams128 Plumbing and Heating, Inc.