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— What is a White Label SEO Dashboard? —


White label SEO dashboard is a intuitive digital SEO marketing tool that helps a you to interactively engage clients and provides rank, social media marketing analytics, performance reporting and search traffic that clients expect from you. White label SEO dashboard makes your work easy as you don’t have to manually create your online marketing reports. Using this digital marketing tool, you get the chance to digitally engage clients with real-time marketing results.

Easy and Convenient – white label SEO dashboard is a very easy and convenient tool to use. You can customize the dashboard to suit each and every client’s needs and preferences. The dashboard displays exact reports, metrics and graphs that you want your customers to see. In essence you totally control the level of information you want to share ranging from graphs and summaries, high level widgets up to comprehensive analysis reports.

The ideal marketing solution – white label SEO dashboard lets you share info distinctively with each client and this information is accompanied by your agency’s or client’s fully branded logo and the client’s dashboard Is integrated seamlessly within the structure of the agent and client relationship. This then essentially creates a reporting console for the agency. You will need to subscribe to the Custom Domain Service to be able to use your own domain for white label SEO reports. In the custom domain, the focus is on your website domain and you choose the subdomain. In this way, integrating your agency’s marketing results and you clients become very easy. A unique URL can be assigned to each dashboard for each client and the URL can be secure which requires login credentials, can be public or custom domain. This is usually referred to as generic URL and includes your account username which acts as a sub-domain and you may decide to include a customer name for their depository report.

Single Sign-on for Multiple Campaigns – a white label SEO dashboard provides you with a single sign-on feature and this provides a platform where client/clients can get many campaign reports in one convenient web interface. And for clients who run many campaigns such as multiple sites, website and YouTube channel, website and apps, separate location-or language-based campaigns among others, they can use profiles to bundle the profiles conveniently in one client Dashboard.

Get an edge over your competitors – a white label SEO dashboard gives you the opportunity to communicate to your clients the way you want to. Clients running multiple marketing campaigns get the opportunity to plan, schedule and manage their social media campaigns effectively. And even when the clients are not near their dashboards, they can still monitor metrics via SMS or email notifications. White label SEO dashboard is a good SEO marketing tool that makes those marketing reports entirely be yours. A white label SEO dashboard gives you and your clients’ reports that match your personality. This is definitely a great tool that you need for your SEO marketing campaign.


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