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— Various SEO Statistics That Are Seen Today —


The overall valuation conducted by many statistics personnel show that the search engine optimization trends id reaching a hundred billion dollars. For any given business to be ranked among this category, there is a high need for one to keep on the current dates on most ongoing market strategies. Below show some of the important search engine optimization statistics that every marketer should know about today. How many search queries does google process on average? In every second of operation, there are forty thousand search queries that are process by the google. When transformed to the daily operation, it goes up to three point five billion searches and one point two trillion search are made annually.

The percentage of marketer that consider search engine optimization drives as their top priority. It has been seen that only sixty-six percentages of the commonly found marketers claim the improvement of the search engine optimization. These people aim at prioritizing the SEO services. the other forty-five percentages do not believe in such situation since they do not give them a high percentage of preference.

What percentage of retailers agree that search marketing is effective in customers’ acquisition?  According to the statistics, there are only eighty-five percentage of business owner who claim this search is effective for business acquisition. Another statistic that is find today is what is the best way to drive traffic to content websites? The best traffic drive therefore is the search engine which beats other competitors by a three hundred percentage of users.

How much more effective is search compared to social media in converting customers. According to the experts, the conversion rate is ten times higher than that of social medial. Therefore, it is a more convenient means of using to build the business profile as well as promoting the products sale through various means of advertising through creation of various web pages. However, it is important to consider the whether online marketer include long-tail keywords as part of their strategy. Long tail keywords are used by search engines since they help in easier loading of required page thus getting the needful information as well as the name of the brands being searched for.

What percentage of users’ relay of mobile devices for their search? It is seen that the first step of search is begun by mobile searching. The level of percentage that is found at this time is fifty percent. The number keeps of increasing the business progress. On top of the number, it is necessary to note the number of hours that are sued in mobile searching per every single day.  Most of the hours used have been seen to be a maximum of there. Which is enough especially for one to find the require information that was need at any specific time ad for a given purpose.  Considering such statistic will help on in acquiring the best search engine services and without worry of the repercussion since there is a guarantee of improvement into the business.


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