Private Label SEO Reseller Program; What Is It?

Private label reseller program is basically a system of SEO where you opt to hire an external company to provide SEO services to your clients. In this arrangement, the hired company provides a private/white label report where there is no logo but data about the job only. Partner label reseller program can involve several things including improving several aspects of your business’s SEO such as on-page optimization as well as off-page optimization. If you want your business website to rank competitively on Google, then you need to consider a partner label SEO program. You still can partner/white label your services and sell them to your clients under your own brand.

Most partner label reseller SEO agencies have the necessary expertise in creating and managing SEO programs, paid search programs among other online based marketing campaigns. The essence of a good private label SEO reseller program is that there are so many customers online seeking the same services you want to sell and it is usually a plus for you especially if you find a partner that has trusted account of clients who are likely seeking the product you want to sell, but is not offered by the agency. So this becomes a source of revenue for the agency as well it creates a win-win situation out of the partnership.

The ability to sellĀ  a partner label SEO reseller programs helps in the management of your budget as most of the staff and industry expertise will come from the SEO agency and you are able to utilize their specialized technology which facilitates client tracking hence enabling you sell your partner label SEO services. In this respect you are able to take your partner label SEO customers to a white label SEO dashboard that has an inbuilt tracking so it makes it easier to show your customers the SEO services you are selling. This makes you portray professionalism which is far much better than having to build the reports or create marketing materials by yourself.

Sounds Easy, but only when done right; when looking for a partner label agency, find one which has prior experience, and has a credible success history as it regards SEO marketing and campaigns. Ask for result oriented evidence as this is the only way you can know a good agency.

Once you are able to identify a good established and reputable SEO reseller company, you are sure of the following tiered services; local SEO (Keyword and NAP citation building, Web Design & optimization (word press development), Organic SEO (Small to High Competition packages), Social Media Management (All major social media account management), Link Building services (High Metric Link Prospecting services), Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Google Adwords – Search Network Campaign, Display Network and Re-marketing), Keyword Tracking, Reputation Management and Content Marketing (Articles and Info-graphic creation)

Climb the Ranks – once you start using the partner SEO reseller program, you will definitely start gaining positive SEO ranking.


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