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— What Must Be On a SEO Task List —


Methods for the best optimization vary on websites, but optimization on most sites include the following aspects:

Relevancy and quality of your content. Search engines will try to look for the most relevant results to a researcher’s query, whether it is a simple question or not. The way search engines provide these results is down to their own internal algorithms, which will never be truly determined by the public. However, there are factors that can certainly influence these results and many are based around relevancy. What is usually helpful is having high quality articles, videos or any other types of media that is popular and well produced.

Webmaster tools and indexing status. This should be plain and simple. Backlink data, rankings data, the most common keywords on your site, crawl data and much more. Checking indexing status is one of the most basic and easy to do steps, that many site owners can forget.  

Track keywords. The main goal of search engine optimization is to rank as high as possible. This then calls for tracking the keywords that matter in order to see how your site is performing. Whether you search for your keywords manually, or find a software to track rankings, you need some sort of method to use to monitor them. When it comes to finding the right keywords, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. However, there is tool for this. Google keyword planner is the most tool used for this purpose.

Use keywords in the title tags and headings for better content optimization. Keywords should be included in the title tag, and in site headings. The title tag for each page must be unique, and should entice a user to click on it. If all the elements mentioned above are listed, your page will be better optimized.

Competitive content. Always write competitive content to get on top of the rankings, and to stay on top. This will ensure your content is unique and brings value to your readers. Blogs should always be created with fresh content and content should be posted on regular basis. Having a blog with great content is a tried and true method that helps sites rank higher in the search engine results.


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