Finding a White Label SEO Platform

It’s always a big decision to make for any agency when selecting a white label SEO partner. As you make this decision, it is important to exercise due diligence and look at the advantages and disadvantages so that you have a successful outcome for your business. This article outlines a guide that can help agencies that are looking for a white label SEO platform.

Important questions ‘ you definitely need to ask some major questions as you seek to outsource your SEO partner and you equally and confidently need to get answers on several issues such as;

How will the outsourcing arrangement really work for you’ ‘ This suits well agencies that have never outsourced before. The new agencies usually find it hard to understand how there can be successful coordination of work between companies that are located in different places. However, today’s reality especially in the business environment is that work does not necessarily need to be performed in the same physical location as the business even if the work is done by the same business. There are several typical arrangements in today’s business world such as working from home, and offshoring. At least you have probably experienced this when you call a large company and your phone call is answered somewhere else other than where you expected.

A basic element of success for outsourcing is to assemble a highly coordinated team and have a process that is streamlined. All the team members should know when work will be done, when the work will be finished and what the deliverables are. If this is well executed, then the agency can really reap the benefits of the outsourcing arrangement. You will definitely lose the ball as an agency in instances where there is loose and sloppy work flow, and poorly defined deliverable.

Gather enough info ‘ it is important to carry out an evaluation on how the agency you are looking for is organized around workflow. You should be able to see a centralized system that all activities are tracked from and can give clear due dates. There should be a clear way of ensuring deliverables and you need to be able to understand the pricing. Find from them how they go about tracking work that is overdue. This discussion should be able to give you a strong feeling on the discipline they put into ensuring that they complete their work. If you need to know more, you can always read through reviews of the company from other customers.

Handling Special Requests ‘ many agencies doing outsourcing for the first time may be scared by the fact that customer requests may be overwhelming for them. This however, should not pose any problem as long as you select the right SEO partner. Each and every customer has a unique need and desire and it is common to encounter special requests. You will therefore stand a better chance for strong customer reviews if you are responsive to customers and give them what they need.


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