Advantages Of An Agency SEO Platform

Agency SEO platforms are common in many different scenarios. For example a coffee shop may white label a specific product such as particular soft drink. In this case, the store does not manufacture soft drinks but it is able to put their logo on it. This arrangement is more specifically known as private labeling. Such an arrangement has advantages to both parties because:

  1. The coffee store can carry a product always requested by their customers and this increases revenue and by putting their logo on the product, they help their marketing.
  2. The SEO provider gains contact to the coffee store?s customers.

Among the many questions that arise in relation to agency SEO platform are: “Why do people choose to do business this way?”

  • Not having a product but selling it anyway ? One advantage of an agency SEO platform is that a reseller is able to carry a product that they normally would not be able to have. This may sound weird, but it is not. There is so much involved in product development and the costs of R&D are very high especially when there is involvement with software. Most reselling organizations may not have the software on which to place their logo, while on the other hand the resellers may have the software. Again, customers need not realize that a third party is providing the software to them. This therefore helps the organization that is selling to attract and retain their customers better. ?In this way, the product becomes cheaper than if it was to be build from scratch. This is ensured by the fact that the costs of R&D are shared by various resellers. The organization that is reselling is able to also enjoy assuring economies of scale.
  • Gain more traffic ? an agency SEO platform provides pretty much all the necessary tools a business requires to create a more professional, empowering and streamlined websites which will bring about higher SERP rankings and this will no doubt direct more traffic to a website.

You can also become a full marketing agency by using the reselling white label software by SEO ranking. Basically what happens is that you can do a presentation of your data on your own and there will be no signs to show that you are related or affiliated to SEO ranking. You will gain more credibility and trust. This option gives you the ability to use your own domain of subdomain even when not linked to SEO ranking. This option allows addition and managing of users who have custom access to website audit, rankings, backlink monitoring among other SEO features. This arrangement has everything in the cloud and it does not therefore require any hosting or maintenance. You are able to brand reports and change their color schemes, create your own custom logo, header, footer among others.

An agency SEO platform has numerous benefits but the most important thing is that you need to find one that has tailored its services to match your needs.


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